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Ham radio, Programming, Networks, Electronics, FOSS, GNU/Linux, Trance and Ale.

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Music is a key part of my life. I have a vast musical taste but I know where my interests are. I think it’s important for people to know what genres they like instead of just saying “I like everything”. This relates to more philosophy in life than just ones musical interests.

Don’t expect this to have a full representation of my musical tastes as I cannot fit all that in a web page!

​However I will try to get some important tracks that have influenced my life posted in the sub pages.

These are not in any kind of order. Some will get populated before others as this is a new section of my website.

However I must say Trance has to be my all time favourite and most influencing genre! It is so incredibly complex and diverse!

Appreciate feedback if you enjoy the music.

I used to listen to tonnes of internet radio which helped me gain roots in world music. A lot of German and Ibiza electronic internet radio stations. Either trance, techno or chill / lounge mostly.

Listening logs

I recently decided to start “scrobbling” music. If you don’t know what “scrobbling” is please read the following wikipedia page: Last.fm. However “scrobbling” is basically just another term for logging your listening history.

Below is a few websites I submit listening data to:

I will probably also export the data into my own repository at some point.