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Ham radio, Programming, Networks, Electronics, FOSS, GNU/Linux, Trance and Ale.

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Welcome to my website


Fun fact: this website is written using Markdown a lightweight markup language with plain text formatting syntax. The Markdown source files then get rendered into HTML via Jekyll on Github.

This site has recently been written as an experiment to see if I can supersede my old Weebly website: m3pgs.co.uk So far it’s working better than expected. I decided on using Jekyll since it supports rendering from Markdown a language that I have been using more and more of recently.

Anyway here you will find a collection of topics which evolve around my hobbies. Mostly Computers, Music and Electronics.

A lot of the content here at the moment revolves around Ham Radio but I plan to expand this site to support more content around my other hobbies.

I plan to add a blog to this Jekyll site so I can post tips and tricks I have come across into simple blog posts which can be indexed via search engines. I am not one of those people who like to blog about my life story. However I will share useful tips on any topic I see fit.