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HSMM-MESH help page

Ubiquity device VLAN guide

​I personally suggest HP Switches if you can get a hold of them however another option is the cheap Netgear GS108e or GS105e available on Amazon. The HP Switches have a more logical configuration panel which can make it a little easier. Ensure you get a “802.1Q” compatible “managed” switch! 802.1Q meaning the switch supports VLAN Tagging.

Basic Internet, Node and LAN VLAN Setup, image curiosity of AE5CA who has a great tutorial on his website click here for more detail.


​I recently had to unbrick someone’s Bullet M2 so here are the links I used to get the necessary information on how to perform this recovery. I also have prior knowledge of firmware flashing and unbricking but you can find all the info you need in the links below if you end up in this station: