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Duct tapes

Duck Tape Original

Surprisingly spending a bit more and getting Duck brand duct tape instead of off brand tape actually makes quite a difference. I much prefer Duck brand out of many cheaper tapes if I need a lighter/cheaper duct tape for the job.

Duck Tape Ultimate

I wouldn’t buy it again. It has a cheap nasty outer coating that looks like bin liner material. It also costs quite a bit for what it is. Doesn’t seem much stronger than Duck Tape Original. I would recommend getting Gorilla Tape instead if you need some extra strong and thick tape.

Gorilla Tape

Brilliant stuff. My go to duct tape for tough repairs. Durable outer coating and super sticky adhesive. Cross weaved fabric reinforcement.

3M Duct Tape

Cheap and nasty. Tears really easily and is super thin. Seems very sticky at first but it comes off easy when pulled latterly and leaves behind lots of residue.

Workzone Duct Tape

Cheap and nasty. Tears really easily and is super thin.

T Rex Tape

Very strong adhesion however it doesn’t work well if you’re trying to stick two bits of metal together which are pulling apart since the adhesion will slowly move with the metal.

This tape I have however used to prevent a leak in a cracked bathtub and it’s still holding up 3 weeks later just fine. So it would appear this tape is pretty water proof.

Electrical tape

3M Temflex 1500

Cheaper version of the super 33+. Works well for general use. Get the wider 19 mm instead of 15 mm. Can be bought cheap in bulk on eBay.

3M super 33+

The best electrical tape I have found. Very elastic.

Self amalgamating tape


Works well and a decent price.

Masking tape

ScotchBlue Multi-Surface

Lasts long, sticky. I mostly use it for temporary holds in engineering instead of painting.

Packaging tape

Scotch 4501B6648 66 m x 48 mm Strong Packaging Tape - Brown

Leaves brow residue bits like pretty much all brown packaging tape. Not a problem if used on cardboard boxes as intended.

Duck Tape HD Clear


Gaffa tape

Pro Gaff

After enough time left on a surface it does leave residue, making me question if it’s worth the cost in the UK. I probably wont buy it again. One upside is the bright colours for marking.