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Measure all the things

Measurement devices I own

DMM (Digital Multi Meter) - Voltage AC/DC, current AC/DC, resistance, capacitance

ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance) - Capacitance in circuit

Megameter - Insulation resistance

Clamp meter - Current AC/DC

Plug-in WattMeter - Current AC

Thermopile - Tempreature contact

Infared thermometer - Temperature non-contact

TODO: Continue with the rest of notes below in format: Device - Measurement

PH level - Litmas paper and digital meter

PPM (Parts Per a Million) count - Digital meter

Disolved alcohol levels - Hydrometer

BACS - Digital breath meter

RF - Frequency counters, SDR, oscilloscopes TODO: stop borrowing and buy a HP spectrum analyser

Contact distance - Tape measure, surveyors tape

Non-contact distance - GPS, laser measure

Plumb - Plumb bob

Compass - Map compass

PPM (Peak programme meter)

VU (Volume Unit) -

PSI/BAR - Relative pressure gauges

PSI/BAR - Absolute pressure gauges

Measurement devices I want


Geiger counter

Gaus meter

Air speed handheld

Light spectrometer

laser power meter watts