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Razer BlackWidow Chroma (Original) (Razer Green Switches)

I own two of these and they’re great keyboards for Linux users thanks to the following projects which enable configuration of the keyboard under Linux:

This keyboard has a great feel for typists. Highly recommended.

Razer BlackWidow (Original) (Cherry MX Blue Switches)

It’s unfortunately a US layout that I own, this prevents me from liking it as much as I want to. Besides that it’s a great keyboard and it compares almost identical to the Razer Green Switches. This version does not have any back lighting either so it’s not great for illuminating custom hot keys.


Apple Keyboard

Great chicklet style keys which allow for fast typing because it’s pretty effortless to press and easy to glide your hands across the key caps. You do need to adjust the hid_apple drivers however if using on Linux with a UK ISO layout, it only takes 5mins to do.

Dell L20U

Compaq I101-P01

HP KU-0316 (USB)

HP KB-0316 (PS2)

Dell RT7D50