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Psycho Juice

Psycho Juice - 70% Habanero (4/10 heat level)

Decent flavour but lacks in heat. I use this one too quickly to warrant buying it all the time. However it adds lovely pepper flavour to any sauce base just a shame it’s not sold in larger quantities and cheaper.

Psycho Juice 70% - Red Savina (5/10 heat level)

One of my favourite sauces for flavouring. Such a lovely flavour from this chilli.

Psycho Juice - Chipotle Ghost Pepper (7/10 heat level)

It’s not for me since there’s roasted onions in it. However it works in a sauce to add complexity to the base.

Psycho Juice - Roasted Garlic Ghost Pepper (7/10 heat level)

Full of flavour and nice chunky thick sauce. Makes a great pizza dip. Not overly garlicy incase your worried about that.

Psycho Juice - 70% Ghost Pepper

Psycho Juice - Extreme Ghost Pepper (8/10 heat level)

When a company that’s called Psycho Juice say something is extreme they really mean it. This is damn hot sauce. A spoonful of this had my face melting. Similar heat level to Dave’s Gourmet Ghost Pepper Sauce but a lot slower building heat.

Psycho Juice - Mustard Ghost Pepper (6/10 heat level)

This is a lovely flavourful sauce. Makes a great pizza dip instead of using honey mustard. Not overly extreme heat either. I Recommend it if you like honey mustard and chilli sauces.

Psycho Juice - 70% Scorpion Pepper (8/10 heat level)

This sauce smells just like scorpion peppers right away. You know it’s deadly. If you want to make some of the hottest noodles or chilli dishes around this is sure to help facilitate that. Not bad on a spoon but add it to a dish and it soon catches up with you.

Psycho Pickles - Ghost Pepper (7/10 heat level)

My favourite gherkins/pickles. Lovely heat level just don’t eat too many at once or you will pay for it tomorrow. Sweet fresh small gherkins.

The Chilli Alchemist

The Chilli Alchemist - The Smoke Potion (4/10 heat level)

Not very hot and uses “liquid smoke”, this causes it too taste chemically.

The Chilli Alchemist - The Smoke Potion Magnum Opus (4/10 heat level)

Same story as “The Smoke Potion” but a little hotter.

The Chilli Alchemist - The Red King (4/10 heat level)

Decent wine smell and flavour. No fake flavouring in this one.

The Chilli Alchemist - The Everlasting Flame (5/10 heat level)

Decent fresh lime flavour. No fake flavouring in this one.

Pain Is Good/Original Juan

Da’ Bomb! Ground Zero (9/10 heat level)

Not the best flavour however it certainly smells of pineapples. It’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing though. This sauce looks innocent with it’s low Scoville rating however it will burn a hole in your tongue so to speak. Use sparingly.

Dave’s Gourmet

Dave’s Gourmet - Ultimate Insanity (7/10 heat level)

I prefer Dave’s Gourmet - Naga Jolokia Ghost Pepper instead as it has better flavour and more heat in my opinion.

Dave’s Gourmet - Naga Jolokia Ghost Pepper (8/10 heat level)

This stuff is instant needles and instant heat. Add this to any dip for a real heat kick. It’s brutal stuff.

Ginger Beards Preserves

Ginger Beards Preserves - Fermented Scotch Sriracha (7/10 heat level)

Brilliant sauce and slightly alcoholic tasting from the scotch blended.

Ginger Beards Preserves - Habanero (4/10 heat level)

Quite a chunky and thick sauce. Not overly hot but that’s expected. Makes a great dipping sauce and great for guests to enjoy without blowing their head off. Many flavours and all natural.

Ginger Beards Preserves - Moor Ghost Pepper Fusion (8/10 heat level)

This is a damn excellent hot sauce. Made with real natural ingredients no fake flavouring. Seriously hot with serious flavour. This is a craft chilli sauce made with craft beer! Two of my favourite things! Smoky, spicy and chunky.

The Chilli Pepper Company

The Chilli Pepper Company - El Diablo

Very hot sauce great in any noodle dish or chilli-con-carne. A few spices like pepper.

The Chilli Pepper Company - The Beast

Quite a sweet sauce but good for sausages or other meats as a dip.


Morrisons Ghost Chilli Hot Sauce (7/10 heat level)

Pretty hot stuff for a supermarket hot sauce. Impressive ghost flavour. It kinda tastes like a mix of salad cream and hot sauce. Great for any salad cream lovers and it does go well on salads which already have mayonnaise on them.


ASDA Jalapeño Chilli Sauce (1/10 heat level)

Terrible stuff and a awful gloopy syrupy consistency. I wouldn’t use it on anything.

ASDA Habanero Chilli Sauce (2/10 heat level)

Same story as the ASDA Jalapeño Chilli Sauce but slightly better flavour. I still wouldn’t use this on anything. It’s a syrupy sugar sauce that has a awful consistency.

Chilli Wizards

Chilli Wizards - Venom (8/10 heat level)

Very good value for money sauce. Sure it’s not 80% reaper but it’s surprisingly powerful still.

Chilli Wizards - Phantom (7/10 heat level)

Again they have another great value sauces here.

Daddy Cool

Jeepers Reapers Revenge (8/10 heat level)

You can taste the reaper and it’s kicking strong. Great to see some lesser known names venturing into the sauce world.

FireFly Barbecue

Reavers - Ghost Chilli Buffalo Sauce (5/10 heat level)

This is a very nice buffalo sauce. Creamy and has a salad cream smell. It’s mostly butter and franks read hot but then they add some ghost chilli’s to it for a kick. Not overly hot but lovely flavour and great for dipping chips into.

Reavers - Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce

Reavers - Trinidad Scorpion Chipotle Sauce (7/10 heat level)

Also a great chip dip but it’s way hotter than the buffalo sauce they make. Has a lovely smokey taste perhaps roasted garlic. Great with smoked ham or chicken.

Skansk Chili

Skansk Chili - Organic Mango Habanero Hot Sauce

Not very good value for money. Super small bottle.

South Devon Chilli Farm

Scorpion Chilli Sauce 50ml - Just Devon Chillies, No additives (7/10 heat level)

Super punchy sauce and so pure. Literally just chilli, vinegar and salt. This gives the sauce a real natural and raw flavour which is refreshing to see when so many sauces now just add extracts for heat.

Carolina Reaper Chilli Sauce 50ml - Just Devon Chillies, No additives (8/10 heat level)

This is really pure hot lava. Warning add this to the top of some pizza and then cook it for a insanely hot pizza.


The Hottest Fuckin’ Sauce (6/10 heat level)

It’s not that hot and I am quite disappointed in the marketing leading me to think otherwise. It seems to taste like it has extract in there too.


Mad Dog - 44 Magnum 4 Million Scovilles (9/10 heat level)

You don’t need any more concentrated extract that this! A few drops into a chip dip or chilli-con-carne helps heat it right up. However I believe I have built up a tolerance to extracts over the years as before just two drops in chilli-con-carne could cause me to nearly puke. Now I can use 4-6 and not really notice it.



Tesco Carolina Reaper (10/10 heat level)

This gave me some shooting ear pain when eating half of one raw. No other chilli product has done that to me yet! Seriously hot and not to be messed with. However I can add two into a chilli-con-carne or noodles and be fine eating it. It does sit in your gut though. This is also an extremely floral chilli, tastes a bit like eating perfume.

Tesco Komodo Dragon (9/10 heat level)

This one is more edible raw than a Carolina Reaper. I eat most of one before but it does really heat up slowly after the fact. Whole mouth will be on fire. Lovely floral notes and not too overpowering.


Chilli Wizards Carolina Reaper Dried Pods (9/10 heat level)

Still very hot when dried but easier for me on the mouth and ears. However it will still be a real gut burner so go steady.


East End Chilli Powder Extra Hot (6/10 heat level)

Great for adding some back end burning spice to any chilli dish or curry. Pretty hot for what you can find in a supermarket.


Lee Kum Kee Chiu Chow Chilli Oil (4/10 heat level)

Has a bit of a dry chilli taste. Goes best with Cantonese dim sum. Haven’t used it on much else. I think I have had better chilli oils in Cantonese restaurants.


Carolina Reaper Chilli Bombay Mix (7/10 heat level)

It’s your standard Bombay Mix but coated in Carolina Reaper dust. Great novelty snack for friends or if you really like Bombay Mix and chilli. Certainly builds heat the more you eat. Just watch your fingers as they end up being covered in reaper dust which can be inconvenient.