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Awesome Free Open Source Software

Awesome Open Source Love

There are various other “awesome” curated lists available on Github: github.com/sindresorhus/awesome

Android apps

APRSdroid (dark theme)

Great APRS client for Android.

Calendar (dark theme)

Simple calendar for Android.

F-Droid (dark theme)

App store alternative to Google Play focusing on privacy and open source content.

Gallery (dark theme)

Simple gallery for Android.


Manage your budgets with a clean but powerful app.

NewPipe (dark theme)

The best alternative to Google’s Youtube app. Supports downloads and background play.

Open Camera

Camera app with extra functions and settings for inspiring photographers.

OpenVPN Connect

One of the best VPN software technologies available.

Signal (dark theme)

Secure your SMS messages stored locally and have PGP based encryption when messaging other signal users.

Survival Manual (dark theme)

Office survival manual with great detail.

Pano Scrobbler (dark theme)

A last.fm, libre.fm and ListenBrainz scrobbler client.

Music-Player (dark theme)

Lightweight music player with resume of playback after app close.


Run Debian or Ubuntu Linux on your Android phone for CLI or X11 apps.

Yaaic (dark theme)

(Yet Another Android IRC Client) is my new favourite mobile IRC client.

Slide (dark theme)

The best FOSS reddit client I have found for Android.

List My Apps

This program generates a list in TXT or Markdown of your installed apps. Useful for backup or sharing to a friend.

OctoDroid (dark theme)

The best Github client for Android since it doesn’t require you to sign-in for features that don’t require it on the normal Github website.

Amaze File Manager (dark theme)

The most feature rich while being clear and simple to use open source Android file manager.

Web apps

Browser extensions


Ham radio