tty only desktop

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tty only desktop

Sometimes you don’t need a full X server setup + window manager. Below are some of the tools I use for my tty only desktops.

  • mpv video.mp4 --vo=drm Play MPV videos direct without a window manager or X.
  • mpv video.mp4 --no-video Play MPV video audio only.
  • mpv audio.mp3 Play MPV audio files.
  • vim Text editor.
  • bc -l Best Calculator.
  • ranger File manager.
  • mocp TUI (Text User Interface) music player.
  • apm FreeBSD check laptop power.
  • cat /sys/class/power_supply/*/capacity Linux check laptop power.
  • sensors Check system temperature sensors.
  • htop Task manager.
  • tmuxTerminal multiplexer.
  • irssiIRC chat.
  • cal Calendar.
  • youtube-dl Downloading content to play on MPV.
  • speedtest-cli TUI for
  • mps-youtube TUI for YouTube.
  • stig TUI for Transmission torrent client.

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