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Graphs stop showing

I had this occur if memory overfills or so…

SSH in and run: ./poller.php -h localhost -d -f -m os

Move services in bulk to another host

Services don’t get monitored if a device is down. So if you’re already hosting those services elsewhere it wont get checked until you move them on LibreNMS.

See my community suggestion: Services that are not checked colour

SQL to assign them to another device id:

sudo su

use librenms

select * from services where device_id = 44;

update services set device_id = 41 where device_id = 44;

You need to monitor HTTPS/HTTP and certificates separately

  • For HTTP I suggest: -t 30
  • For HTTPS I suggest: -S --sni -t 30
  • For certificate I suggest: -C 27 --sni -t 30

From the man page: man/check_http

 -C, --certificate=INTEGER[,INTEGER]
    Minimum number of days a certificate has to be valid. Port defaults to 443
    (when this option is used the URL is not checked.)

Slow or delayed alert notifications

  • Check the config using the web UI config validator.
  • Check the php.ini config timezone, the configs path maybe something like this: /etc/php/7.0/fpm/php.ini
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