Extend VirtualBox VDI and the guest NTFS

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Using Windows Disk Management to extend a NTFS partition

First, backup your data.

  1. Shutdown the VirtualBox VM.
  2. Open “File” then “Virtual Media Manager”.
  3. Select the VDI you want to expand. virtualbox-1
  4. Increase it’s size. virtualbox-2
  5. Apply those changes and boot the VirtualBox VM back up.
  6. Open Windows “Disk Management” by typing it into the start menu. disk-management-1
  7. Right click on the “(C:)” partition and click “Extend Volume”. disk-management-2
  8. Use the arrows to max out the value for “Select the amount of space in MB:” disk-management-3
  9. Hit next and finish. disk-management-4
  10. You should now have a extended guest OS partition. disk-management-5


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