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Debug a Jekyll GitHub page which hasn’t been run locally before

I was adding a posts-by-tags page to my Jekyll blog. Previously I have gotten away with never running the Jekyll site locally thanks to GitHub actions however while adding a new feature I came across a generic error I needed to debug locally.

Undefined method gsub for integer

Below is the error message:

Liquid Exception: undefined method `gsub' for 2003:Integer

Upon searching this someone else had a similar issue but this didn’t help me to narrow this down enough to fix it: Liquid Exception: undefined method `gsub’ for 2012:Integer in /_layouts/post.html

Looking at the official Jekyll docs we get some pointers on how to setup the local development environment:

  • I run the following commands which clone my blog to the local machine.
  • The Jekyll new will need to have blog replaced with whatever your repos name is.
  • The --force flag will overwrite anything that conflicts with a Jekyll template config.
  • Gemfile and .gitignore is really all it adds, you should still run with --force so the URLs are localhost not
  • I just scrap the changes in git from jekyll new besides the ones I manually made to patch the bugs once I am done debugging.
git clone

jekyll new blog --force

bundle exec jekyll serve

My particular bug turned out to be I had a tag which was just a lone int: - 2003

I fixed and finished implementing my posts-by-tags page in commits:

RSS feed

After fixing the first bug I then came across a second bug thanks to a large code block I had in another post with lots of special chars.

Jekyll Feed: Generating feed for posts

I fixed this in commit: af7a60060b2bab05d0805d1443e1674a4d8e26b9 with my custom variable: feed_exclude_content: true


Checkout the following variables more:

  • thumbnail:
  • series:
  • site.related_posts

Add the actual RSS feed error instead of the line before the error.

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