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Config files in dotnet core 2.2

CLI projects

This doesn’t use a dep injector. KISS (Keep It Simple S…):

See real example: Salsa/Program.cs

Note worthy stuff

Use camelCase to conform to JSON standards but it seems MS cant decide if they want to stick to their old school PascalCase days.

UPDATE: They seem to mostly give camelCase example code snippets now. Originally they had PascalCase JSON property names in the scaffolding templates.

  • Call it appsettings.json.
  • Untested example migration from web.config: I say untested because I believe I did try this and it didn’t work however I didn’t spend much time at all testing maybe 5 mins.

aspnet web projects

Dep injection of config: aspnet/core/fundamentals/configuration

Setup injector in Startup.cs class

var builder = new ConfigurationBuilder()
    .AddJsonFile("appsettings.json", optional: true, reloadOnChange: true);

IConfigurationRoot configuration = builder.Build();

See real example: Core/Startup.cs

Retrieve/consume configs from a class

foreach(var repo in configuration.GetSection("repositories").GetChildren())
    string projectName = repo["projectName"];
    string repositoryId = repo["repositoryId"];

Example appsettings.json

"repositories": [
    "projectName": "repo0,
    "repositoryId": "b1821e2e-94c5-4cf0-824c-41d41966207e"
    "projectName": "repo1",
    "repositoryId": "2f6145f9-3472-441d-bb8e-0271b4d82e28"
    "projectName": "repo2",
    "repositoryId": "2b029778-281f-4bb6-82fc-961dfa0f0ad0"
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