Programmers grammar

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Programmers grammar

Grammar and spelling aren’t dissimilar from syntax in programming

I was never very decent at spelling or grammar however after years of programming you kind of become a bit particular about what you type down to each character if you want your code to run properly.

This basically made me more and more aware of correct naming conventions, capitalisations and special characters in programming. I like to do stuff the correct way first time if I can.

Becoming increasingly aware of correct naming conventions in programming I started to notice I was becoming more aware of both I and others spelling and grammar in general day to day non programming related literature.

One example of this is when I noticed my headings on my website were varied because I must of typed them differently without noticing at first. When I noticed they were all varied I thought to myself “What is the correct way to capitalise a heading?”. So a venture down the rabbit hole of research began and I found two answers. There is a British way (sentence case) of writing headings and then there is the other main method which is just Title case.

I decided on the British way after reading the following literature:

The latter two articles focus on web applications and other user interactive forms such as desktop apps I presume. That is interesting since it seems there isn’t a standard implemented for that in many companies I noticed. User control display names are always varying case within the same piece of software.

You maybe able to tell I like standardisation. Here is a fun one for you. There is an ISO standard for the process of making a cuppa tea: Tea ISO standard

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