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Comparison of various caddy/combo small vans

Sorted ascending order load area length

  • Also highlighted for my goldilocks zone.
Name Body style Height Width Length Volume
Fiat Fiorino Combi van 1,205mm 1,473mm 740mm 1.3m3
Ford Transit Connect L1 Double Cab In-Van 1,237mm 1,533mm 861mm 1.2m3
Fiat Doblo Cargo Short low-roof Combi 1,250mm 1,261mm 950mm 0.79m3
Renault Kangoo Maxi crew van 1,154mm 1,145mm 1,008mm 1.3m3
Ford Transit Connect L2 Double Cab In-Van 1,267mm 1,496mm 1,061mm 1.6m3
Nissan NV200 Combi (five seat/seven seat) 1,358mm 1,500mm 1,160/510mm 2.3/0.9m3
Peugeot Bipper Van 1,178mm 1,473mm 1,164mm 2.5m3
Fiat Doblo Cargo Long low-roof Combi 1,250mm 1,261mm 1,300mm 1.05m3
Fiat Doblo Cargo XL long high-roof Combi 1,950mm 1,261mm 1,300mm 1.1m3
Mercedes Citan Dualiner 1,255mm 1,460mm 1,337mm 2.4/3.7m3
Mercedes Citan Compact 1,258mm 1,460mm 1,369mm 2.4m3
Renault Kangoo Standard van 1,251mm 1,219mm 1,476mm 4.0m3
Fiat Fiorino Standard van 1,205mm 1,473mm 1,523mm 2.5m3
Mercedes Citan Long 1,258mm 1,460mm 1,753mm 3.1m3
Volkswagen Caddy Caddy 1,257 mm 1,556mm 1,779mm 3.2m3
Vauxhall Combo L1 short wheelbase van 1,236mm 1,630mm 1,781mm 3.3m3
Ford Transit Connect L1 Short wheelbase van 1,269mm 1,543mm 1,786mm 2.9m3
Peugeot Partner Standard van 1,236mm 1,550mm 1,817mm 3.3m3
Citroen Berlingo M standard van 1,236mm 1,550mm 1,817mm 3.3m3
Toyota Proace L1 1,200mm 1,527mm 1,817mm 3.3m3
Fiat Doblo Cargo Short low-roof van 1,305mm 1,714mm 1,820mm 3.4m3
Fiat Doblo Cargo Long high-roof van 1,550mm 1,714mm 1,820mm 4.0m3
Renault Kangoo Maxi van 1,252mm 1,219mm 1,862mm 1.4m3
Nissan NV200 Van 1,358mm 1,500mm 2,040mm 4.2m3
Vauxhall Combo L2 long wheelbase crew van 1,243mm 1,527mm 2,110mm 4.0m3
Vauxhall Combo L2 long wheelbase van 1,243mm 1,630mm 2,131mm 3.9m3
Mercedes Citan Extra Long 1,258mm 1,460mm 2,137mm 3.8m3
Ford Transit Connect L2 Long wheelbase van 1,269mm 1,496mm 2,152mm 3.6m3
Peugeot Partner Long van 1,243mm 1,550mm 2,167mm 3.8m3
Citroen Berlingo XL long wheelbase van 1,243mm 1,550mm 2,167mm 3.8m3
Toyota Proace L2 1,200mm 1,527mm 2,167mm 3.9m3
Fiat Doblo Cargo Long low-roof van 1,305mm 1,714mm 2,170mm 4.2m3
Fiat Doblo Cargo XL long high-roof van 1,550mm 1,714mm 2,170mm 5.0m3
Volkswagen Caddy Caddy Maxi 1,262mm 1,556mm 2,249mm 4.2m3
Fiat Doblo Cargo Work-Up pick-up 1,368mm 1,818mm 2,300mm 1.54m3
Vauxhall Combo L1 with FlexCargo 1,236mm 1,630mm 3,090mm 3.8m3
Peugeot Partner Standard with Extenso 1,236mm 1,550mm 3,090mm 3.9m3
Citroen Berlingo M with Extenso 1,236mm 1,550mm 3,090mm 3.9m3
Peugeot Partner Long with Extenso 1,243mm 1,550mm 3,440mm 4.4m3
Citroen Berlingo XL with Extenso 1,243mm 1,550mm 3,440mm 4.4m3

Size of items

  • So we know if the van can fit a UK single size mattress for camping:
  • 6 ft is 1828.8 mm
  • Medium size equipment rack is 1400 mm

Things of note

  • A lot of the vans now have PSA engines, quotes from AutoExpress:
    • > Proace City model, which is another PSA joint-venture offering, this time a rebadged version of the Citroen Berlingo, Peugeot Partner and Vauxhall
    • > Development was led by the Citroen Berlingo and Peugeot Partner which arrived in 2018, with the Vauxhall Combo arriving in 2019 and the Toyota Proace City arriving in 2020. They all use the same running gear and are largely identical from the leading edge of the bonnet all the way to the back doors.
    • > The Fiat Doblo used to have a platform sharing partner in the shape of the Vauxhall Combo. But with that model now part of the PSA Group, the Doblo soldiers on alone.
    • > The Renault is a versatile urban delivery van that majors on being good to drive and delivering impressive fuel efficiency. It’s also great value for money, and shares much of its engineering with the Mercedes Citan
      • Citan and Kangoo share the same running rail?
  • Observed vans with tailgate windows:
    • Volkswagen Caddy
    • Citroen Berlingo
    • Fiat Fiorino
    • Mercedes Citan
    • Peugeot Bipper
    • Peugeot Partner
  • Small vans like this are often called LCV
  • Common rail fuel injection.
    • Volkswagen adopt common rail.
  • > One area where the Citan is a bit of a letdown is the quality of the materials on board. This isn’t like Merc’s cars with plush materials everywhere, instead the cabin has the look of the Kangoo
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